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Psychotherapy: Licensed counselors trained in cognitive, Bioenergetic, Gestalt and other forms of traditional and alternative therapies to relive mental and emotional stress, anxiety, depression and addictive behaviors. Individual and group work.

Transformations Incorporated
Transformations Incorporated

Transformations Incorporated was established in the early 1980s to provide personal and professional growth opportunities leading to new levels of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We are continually evolving to bring you the latest integrative techniques and theories.

Ray Lueck, Psy.D., Family Care Psychological Services
Ray Lueck, Psy.D., Family Care Psychological Services, Psychotherapist, adult, child and family, evaluations

Dr. Lueck is a licensed psychologist. He is an innovator in the field of psychology exploring the latest techniques for improving treatment results. He has been treating children, teens, adults and families since 1978. He specializes in non-medication alternatives to Stress, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Addictions, Learning Disorders, and psychophysiological disorders. He is a specialist in Stress Management, EEG Biofeedback, Personal Empowerment and Child Psychology. Most of his referrals are for ADHD, Aspergers, Reactive Attachment Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety Depression and stress. He has been the Director of Family Care Psychological Services since 1988.

Lenny Delvecchio, MA, PC
Lenny Delvecchio, MA, PC Psychotherapist and Breathworker

Lenny is a holistic counselor with a Masters in Clinical Psychology. He is graduate of the Transformations School of Integrative Psychology (SIP) and facilitates in the SIP. He is certified as a Professional Breathworker, has Level II Reiki training and is experienced in leading interactive seminars on personal effectiveness in corporate settings where he has worked for 18 years. More recently, he has taught Anger Management and Addictions Recovery classes. Throughout all endeavours he uses gentle compassion and connects, with a sense of purpose, to each individual he meets. His optimism is contagious as he assists others to realize their fullest potential.

Manifestation Planning, Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Addictions

PRACTITIONER RATE Standard InWellness member
60 minutes $80.00 $60.00

Make an appointment. Call 414 704 6392

Jill Greinke, MSW, LCSW, SAC, CS-IT Psychotherapist
Jill Greinke, MSW, LCSW, SAC, CS-IT Psychotherapist

Jill Greinke's clients have often referred to her as being a "touchstone" allowing them to feel affirmed and understood. She is an empath which enables her to "tune in" to people's thoughts and feelings. Most often one's true emotions lie deep within and are "hidden" or unable to be consciously noticed by the person themselves. Jill is able to identify and reflect back to people their true emotions wanting to be expressed - an important element in the transformation process. Jill is excellent at helping individuals find what is true for them - key for those looking to foster self-awareness, wholeness and completeness.

The Healing Space on Main
The Healing Space on Main is a holistic wellness center, part of a healing tradition that is meaningful and provides fire and passion; nourishment, comfort and challenge; love, laughter and community. Our practitioners are licensed and certified in their specialties. We believe that healing is a lifetime journey and acknowledge that each person's place in that journey is unique.

Each person has the potential for healing within and we delight in being witness to the transformation of body,
mind, emotion and spirit through a variety of modalities, groups, work and playshops. We believe that no matter the level of wellness or illness, healing is always a possibility. If you are unsure of what may be helpful to you, please schedule a free complementary care consultation by phone or in person. Further information can be found at On-site services in your home, hospital, or extended care facility are also available.

John R. Gielow, MA, PsyD
John R. Gielow, MA, PsyD

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who works with a wide spectrum of emotional conditions that stem from relational and environmental stress. My therapeutic style is interactive, engaging, and collaborative. I believe that many problems that people have are due to their reliance on past coping skills that are no longer functional. I assist in identifying these current inefficient ways of functioning and then help discover more adaptive coping skills. I believe that both the body and the mind are programmed to be self-healing, but that often life events or trauma gets in the way.

Anita Domnitz, RN, MS, ND
Anita Domnitz, RN, MS, ND
Psychotherapy, Hypnotheraphy, Nutrition - Weight & Wellness, Bach Flower Remedies, Health Education

It is my pleasure to hear about the lives of others. Our lives are stories that unfold while we grow, learn and develop. We create the schedule. We attract what is needed for us to learn the lessons of our lives. As we manifest our thoughts, we take responsibility for our personal journeys. Sounds "new age" I know. We have the power to change our lives and live the lives we desire. As an RN and Naturopath, I believe, it is vital to view ourselves wholistically. Life is about relationships: to ourselves, others, substances, habits, etc.

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