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Welcome to InWellness®
InWellness is a community partnership with uniquely coordinated services to help you live your life in fullness, health and wellbeing.

How do we live InWellness?
-by shifting focus from illness to health,
-by viewing health as an ongoing process encompassing our whole self,
-by pursuing a fulfilling life based on our values and goals,
-by educating ourselves, making choices and taking charge of our lifestyle.

How does InWellness enhance a lifestyle of health and wellness?

InWellness Membership: opens the door to sustained and ongoing support of your health and wellness through affordable services and member discounts within our provider network, and reduced tuition, free classes and arts events throughout the year.

InWellness Provider Network: gives you direct access to quality rated health and wellness practitioners experienced in conventional, alternative and holistic care who are committed to supporting you and creating your unique wellness team.

InWellness Assessment Tools: provide self assessment tools to identify your strengths, motivations, perspectives and goals.

Navigation Service: coaches you to integrate your personal goals with wellness and healthcare services and resources aligned with your values and priorities.

What is Wellness?
Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.

Lifestyle has been found to be the single most important factor determining your pattern of general health. It is important that you self-educate to "take charge" of your daily life and to set healthy lifestyle goals. The choices you make have a dominant influence on your health and wellness. The secret is not in one type of healing or growth, but consistent self-care.

Our mission is to assist you in creating a healthy lifestyle that promotes:
-physical strength, vibrancy and well being,
-emotional balance, freedom of expression and joy in living,
-mental clarity, creativity and resourcefulness, and
-spiritual centeredness, certitude and purposefulness.

InWellness partners with community organizations for mutual sponsorship of classes and events that promote wellness in the Midwest. InWellness presents a new model for health and wellness education and provider service delivery that is unique to Milwaukee and the Midwest. A special thanks to our events partner: the North Shore Academy of the Arts.

InWellness Mission
InWellness is an assessment, education, wellness navigation and referral organization dedicated to the enhancement of wellbeing and fulfilling lifestyles.

Our mission is to assist each of our clients and students to have more direct access to the source of health within themselves. We are committed to using the educational and healing tools that increase the ability and confidence of each person to lead a life of self-regulated balance, wholeness and joy.

Our practitioners, experienced in the fields of both traditional and holistic health, have been chosen because they subscribe to the Principles of Holistic Health and Wellness Practice in their healing and teaching. Now as a collective network we are able to bring to our clients and students more resources and coordinated services than ever before.

Founding Member and Coordinator of InWellness

Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.

I am a clinical psychologist whose avocation has always been to integrate healing with wellness and growth, both as a body/mind therapist and as a manager, director and owner of health and wellness organizations.

Trained in community psychology in Washington, DC, I returned to my native Milwaukee to become an outpatient clinic director for Milwaukee County in the 1970s. I avidly explored alternative and complimentary approaches to therapy. In 1983 I founded what is now the School of Integrative Psychology and a state-licensed community mental health clinic, both of which I still direct. Our School has graduated a number of the holistic practitioners in this area.

My passion over the past several years has been to work with other like-minded colleagues to create a new model for wellbeing in our community. This has led to the founding of InWellness.

Marketing Director of InWellness

Annette Gelhar, BFA

I have a passion for communication and the power it has to move people to action, position and create confidence in a product or service, and join people together in pursuit of what's good for them and for the planet.

I started my career as a graphic designer working primarily for publications including the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In the 90s I started and ran Gelhar Graphic Design, an award-winning agency that served the advertising needs of a diverse client base.

As Marketing Administrator with ASQ (the American Society for Quality) I promoted national conferences on quality topics like ISO 9000 and six sigma. Subsequently I studied for LEED Green Building accreditation. At this time I'm especially inspired by promoting products and services related to good food, maintaining health and environmentally responsible ways to enjoy our earth.

Advisors to InWellness

Jerome Lerner, MD
Jerome Lerner, MD

During the course of two decades, my medical career has blended clinical practice with a variety of administrative and medical director challenges. Starting in 1992 to the present time I have maintained an active outpatient private practice with an emphasis on physical medicine, rehabilitation, disabilities and pain management. Administratively, I have participated in medical director and executive responsibilities throughout my career. I was appointed medical director of Sacred Heart Hospital's brain injury program, then medical director of Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Hospital. In 1992, I formed a service corporation and opened my own outpatient private practice. Later I was appointed medical director of Performance Enhancement, an outpatient interdisciplinary rehabilitation and pain clinic. I did extensive manual medicine training. More recently my private practice joined forces with Advanced Pain Management, and I was appointed medical director of integrated rehabilitation services. In addition I owned and managed my own medical practice corporation for 14 years. I also developed and operated Selfcares, a wellness spa in downtown Milwaukee, for two years.

Leigh Cord, MBA

Leigh is a native Milwaukeean who lost his young wife to cancer. When that happened he vowed to do what he could to help others avoid early death. He left the investment world to work for Blue Cross of Wisconsin, where he became the Administrator of Health Promotion & Wellness. He then created his own firm, Healics, which is now one of the largest providers of worksite health risk assessments for employer wellness programs in Wisconsin.

Leadership Team of InWellness, LLC

Navigator Trainer - Vicky Padway, LCSW
-Nationally Accredited and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, experienced in psychosocial assessments, interviewing, counseling, substance abuse, divorce, presentational speaking, parenting workshops and hospice; graduate of the Wellness Inventory Certification Training.

IW Operations - Joan Morningstar
-Administrative director of Transformations, Creative Consulting and the School of Integrative Psychology; oversees operations, IT development and office personnel.

Arts coordinator - Kathleen Wojcik, M.E.P.D.
-Kathleen holds a B.Ed. in Music Education, an M.E.P.D. Life experiences that enhance her work in arts and wellness education include speaking at national conventions, creating and delivering workshops for teachers and students, creating school curriculum, writing, arranging and publishing music and academic works and vocal recording as well as a lifetime of classroom and private teaching. She is a co-founder of WISTA String Camp and the Center for Strings Music School. She holds certificates in Breathwork and is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Spiritual Psychology.

IW Wellmatch research - Jayne Ader, CMT, MSP
-Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of CORE/El Centro; a Wellness educator with 17 years experience in the areas of Social Services and Health Education.

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