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Frequently Asked Questions
What is InWellness?
We're a network of healthcare providers and members (consumers) that is establishing a new model of integrative wellness. We have researched this in the U.S. and other countries. InWellness combines the best of our findings and expertise to help people increase their personal health awareness and restore trust in their client/provider relationships. We're committed to using the educational and healing tools that will help people live with self-regulated balance, wholeness and joy.

Is InWellness a health insurance group?
No. However, InWellness does help people from all walks of life assume greater responsibility for their long-term health and wellbeing. This results in less reliance on regular health insurance and saves members and their employers money.

What happens when I join InWellness?
All new members take a complete wellness assessment: you take an online Wellness Inventory that measures your wellbeing in 12 life areas, as well as which ones you are most motivated to improve. Another assessment measures the ways you are most comfortable interacting with health resources. Your professional "navigator" helps you explore resources that work for you and design a personal wellness plan with follow-up for the next year.

What happens next?
Now the fun begins! Through your membership, you have all the components you need to create your best life as you learn about the best in wellness resources and enjoy the support and community of like-minded people.

What are the qualifications of the providers and navigators?
All our providers are certified in their areas of specialty and work under principles adapted from the American Board of Health and Integrated Medicine (ABHIM). We're delighted to have providers who are experts in the widest range of modalities anywhere in the Midwest (everything from Western medicine to acupuncture and chiropractic to zen meditation) in our network. InWellness Navigators are RNs, social workers or other healthcare professionals who are certified to work with the Wellness Inventory.

Where will I see the providers?
At their places of business. InWellness has a wide array of registered providers throughout the South Eastern Wisconsin area.

Can I use my FSA, HSA or health insurance when I see them?
Absolutely! Provider fees are advertised and by paying cash, as a member you receive a 10-20% discount and can still bill your insurance for the balance.

Couldn't I see the providers on my own, without being an InWellness member?
Certainly! But as a member of the IW community, you not only get a 10 - 20 % discount on their services, you can share your assessment results with them and/or request a collaborative consult for your condition. At your request, several providers can offer confidential input on your case.

Why would I join InWellness when I'm already paying insurance premiums and copays for doctor visits?
Joining InWellness is the start of building your self-care skills. By taking advantage of the complete InWellness system, your wellbeing can improve naturally, without as many often unnecessary, expensive tests or invasive procedures. As you become more of an expert on what you need to be your best, your healthcare expenditures will decrease and you may find yourself spending more of your resources on having fun and being productive than on warding off illness or hoping to meet your insurance deductible.

Is InWellness working against traditional healthcare systems and networks?
Absolutely not! We have the utmost respect and gratitude for the health expertise in these systems and we are open to working hand-in-hand with them for mutual clients. InWellness offers a holistic, integrative, community-based model for maintaining health that is more personalized, diversified and is complementary to these systems.

How long has InWellness been in existence?
InWellness was conceived in 2008, became a licensed business in 2009 and we opened our doors to the public in October of 2010. Most of our providers have been in practice for 10-30+ years.

Are there other benefits to being an InWellness member?
Yes, members receive discounts to educational seminars each month and IW-sponsored entertainment events. We also have monthly membership meetings, an informative eNewsletter and community calendar and an exclusive Member Facebook page that you'll find fascinating as you share in wellbeing-related discussions with other members. Most importantly, people find that having a Navigator and providers you trust and being a part of a community dedicated to health eases anxiety and increases a sense of wellbeing.

I have other questions. Where else can I get answers?
Visit us at or call us at 414-434-7031 or 800-208-5531.

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