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InWellness Membership Plan
Participation in InWellness Membership entitles you to greater access to the best of traditional and contemporary health and wellness provider services and education. Our goal is to help you make common sense and effective use of the vast variety of techniques and approaches to health care and wellbeing available today.

The InWellness Membership Plan is a way of life:
ACCESS to a comprehensive health and wellness provider network
diverse modalities of veteran providers committed to wellness philosophy

INDIVIDUALIZED attention, guidance and coordinated services
needs and goals identified for your informed choices and personal health and wellness plan

AFFORDABLE 10-20% discount on all services, products and events
use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for qualified provider services
utilize healthcare insurance to pay for qualified practitioner treatments
partnership for healthy lifestyle changes reducing long-term care costs

COMMUNITY support for healthy living through our InWellness Today eNews updates on classes, speakers, InWellness Arts Council offerings, and promotion of uplifting community activities
access exclusive InWellness archives of newsletters, webinars and podcasts to learn about best practices in wellness

We have collaborating providers throughout the metropolitan area which include traditional health practitioners, wellness providers and teachers, holistic consultants on animal care, environment, the arts and entertainment... and many more modalities.

IW Membership includes:

1. IW Standard Membership

A comprehensive IW Assessment and one year Wellness Plan follow up,

10-20% discount on all practitioner services (cash payments, self submit invoice for insurance carriers provided),

10-20% discount on advertised classes, workshops, seminars and events sponsored by InWellness,

Members Only benefits in InWellness Today eNews throughout the year,

IW Standard Membership - $75/year New Membership rate!

2. IW Advantage Membership - all of the above plus post assessment Navigator coaching in creating a personalized wellness plan and follow up session during the year - $220/year

3. IW Plus Membership - above plus bimonthly navigator support sessions - $440/year

4. IW Comprehensive Membership - above plus bimonthly classes for support and education - $560/year

Join InWellness Now:

Registration and Payment through PayPal or Check.

Examples of integrated wellness plans:
Within the Category of Body Work and Massage: e.g., - for dealing with an injury to building strength.
Chiropractic, Pilates, Physical Therapy, Reiki, and Massage.

Cross Categories: e.g., - for dealing with low energy/depression to increasing vitality and joy in living.
Psychotherapy, Yoga, Nutritional Counseling, Acupuncture, Classical Homeopathy.

Cross Categories: e.g., for dealing with anxiety to increasing confidence and meaning in daily life.
Therapeutic Breathwork, Psychotherapy, Ayurveda and Life Coaching

Other InWellness Services:
Wellness Assessment

Personal InWellness Record - a password-protected, ongoing record you keep of your health and wellness progress. You give access to the providers you choose. Available to those with an InWellness Membership Plan only. (Under development.)

Ongoing access to Wellness Navigator at special member service rate.

Practitioner Modality Descriptions - brief descriptive explanations of all healing modalities offered by onsite providers and affiliates.
Free service

Directory of Providers - description and client ratings of all providers and affiliates. Free service

The InWellness Philosophy
The InWellness Membership Plan is a proactive program of healthy lifestyle promotion. We believe the quality of our life is our direct privilege and responsibility. We believe that health and wellbeing should be of value and a pleasure in itself, not just for prevention of disease. Disease is often a result of an imbalance in one's system which signals a need for change in self-care. If listened to and addressed, the recovery process not only relieves symptoms, but also opens doors to greater well-being and fulfilling self-care practices. You will be supported in using "health challenges" as a stepping stone to increased self awareness and discovery of personal life enhancement.

Building a healthy gratifying life style is our expertise. Beyond prevention, we actively promote the discovery of your path to life gratification and purpose. Both traditional experience and current research show that internal and external habits can be improved in our favor. We help you explore and experiment with methods of life enhancement and find what fits best for you. We help you create a lifestyle program that compliments your needs and preferences, that fits your body and uplifts your spirit. We then coordinate information among the services and education providers you choose. Your progress and growth is shared by a team of your choice. Your options to continue exploration of new modalities are always open. You may choose at any time to add or subtract modalities, putting you in the driver's seat of your self-care and growth with the full support of our team.

We have collaborating providers throughout the metropolitan area.

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