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The InWellness Advantage for Businesses and Organizations
Why InWellness Works
In a recent survey, 67 percent of employers named "poor health habits of employees" among their top challenges in maintaining affordable health coverage.1 So what makes InWellness different?

The InWellness Corporate Program is the only program for businesses that specifically meets that challenge. It's the only program that actually uses human nature to achieve success. People have preferences for how they want to improve their wellbeing. We support their choices, knowing that one success will spread to many other areas. When they reach a goal they feel ownership along with success. People thrive with a personal coach who cares. We give each person a personal navigator who gets to know them, encourages them and works with them.

The InWellness Corporate Program was founded to help reverse the spiraling costs of our healthcare through education, partnership and self-responsibility. Here's how it works:
First: We Assess Each Person on Multiple Levels
We humans are complex beings. The InWellness Assessment is the most comprehensive analysis tool currently in use.
  • Nationally acclaimed online Wellness Inventory covers twelve life areas
  • It measures how motivated the individual is to make changes in each area
  • TWISI (The Way I See It) reveals individuals' preferred healthcare delivery style
  • Each person's blood pressure, cholesterol and other physical health indicators are measured (optional)
This comprehensive assessment gives us an unprecedented depth of understanding of how to help each person stay with their individualized wellness goals over the long haul.
Second: Personal Wellness Navigators Build Trust, Accountability and Results
The assessment results are analyzed by a veteran healthcare professional trained and certified as an InWellness Navigator.
  • By skillfully working with each individual, navigators harness the powerful energy of "I want," instead of the "I should" in your employees.
  • Together, they design a personalized wellness plan that excites the employee and is modifiable over time.
  • A personal wellness journal and library of wellness resources are woven into the wellness plan.
  • A schedule for personal reminders and follow-up is set.
Third: The InWellness Network Offers the Most Complete Range of Treatment Modalities Anywhere in the Midwest
How does this benefit you? With objective, professional navigator guidance, your employees can choose from a vast menu of high-quality, non-invasive treatment options that work for them, often at a fraction of the cost of a hospital visit.
The Bottom Line in Healthcare: Lower Overhead Means More Economical Programs
We don't need to maintain high-profile complexes and legions of staff. InWellness is an efficient network of professionals that simply makes the best guidance, treatment and community resources for wellbeing available to its members. Choose an InWellness Plan Tier for your employees. We'll also bring you onsite employee programs, lunch-and-learns and/or onsite exercise programs.

Forward-thinking companies of all sizes understand that the improved health and happiness of their employees improves their bottom line, consistently providing an approximate 3-to-1 return on investment. In addition, we operate under the rigorous Principles of Holistic Health and Wellness Practice. A variety of funding options make our program surprisingly cost-effective. When you offer an InWellness program, you can rest assured of its high quality and value to you and your bottom line.

Long-term benefits to your business:
1. A leading-edge approach to employee and corporate health
2. Employee loyalty and retention
3. Enhanced employee health, morale and productivity
4. Lower healthcare premiums and increased revenue

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1 Source: "Raising the Bar on Health Care," 2010, National Business Group on Health/Towers Watson

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