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Jill Greinke,
MSW, LCSW, SAC, CS-IT Psychotherapist
Jill Greinke, MSW, LCSW, SAC, CS-IT Psychotherapist
Jill Greinke, MSW, LCSW, SAC, CS-IT Psychotherapist

Jill Greinke's clients have often referred to her as being a "touchstone" allowing them to feel affirmed and understood. She is an empath which enables her to "tune in" to people's thoughts and feelings. Most often one's true emotions lie deep within and are "hidden" or unable to be consciously noticed by the person themselves. Jill is able to identify and reflect back to people their true emotions wanting to be expressed - an important element in the transformation process. Jill is excellent at helping individuals find what is true for them - key for those looking to foster self-awareness, wholeness and completeness. Jill also helps people problem solve - honing in and aiding people in finding real solutions to challenges that may seem overwhelming at the time.

Mind, body and spiritual wellness are at the root of Jill's counseling philosophy. She is a warm, caring counselor and humanistic in her counseling style and approach. She puts on many hats as a psychotherapist to include teacher, coach, facilitator, trainer and consultant. There are many treatment modalities available to psychotherapists to aid individuals in their transformation process. Jill utilizes those based upon the needs of the individual and begins by taking a holistic approach to therapy. This type of approach often contains elements of Eastern philosophy that compliment Western psychotherapeutic practice and when combined help people to move further along their healing journey - towards a balanced life of being in 'Spirit' - centered, focused and grounded.

1233 N Mayfair Road, Suite 206
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

414 302 1233

Jill is co-founder, owner and director of Applied Therapies & Wellness Center S.C. She is licensed by the State of Wisconsin as a clinical social worker (LCSW). She received her Master of Social Work, a Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as a Certificate in Trauma Work from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Jill is also certified by the State of Wisconsin as a Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC) and is also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Structured Co-Parenting.

Jill works extensively with trauma and inner child issues. She blends energy work into all she does with individuals bridging traditional therapeutic techniques with the metaphysical. Jill has worked with a host of obstacles individuals may encounter from their past that currently manifest in the present creating issues presenting as: specific women's issues, health, life cycle and spiritual related issues, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, managing stress and anger, obsessive compulsive and attention deficit issues, chemical dependency, divorcing couples and co-parenting issues, sexual assault and other abuse issues.

PRACTITIONER RATE Standard InWellness member
60 minutes $140.00 $120.00

Make an appointment by calling: 414 302 1233

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