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Jodie Niles
Certified Spiritual Life Empowerment Coach
Jodie Niles
Jodie Niles, Certified Spiritual Life Empowerment Coach
Illuminating your path with compassion, thoughtfulness and fun as you courageously move forward on your journey to authenticity and pure joy.

Journeys with Jodie was created from my heart and soul, with the intention of providing support, inspiration, encouragement and empowerment to those who seek authentic happiness. I am dedicated to improving myself and sharing my experiences with you because I am passionate and expressive about life and the twists and turns it takes us on. I've realized that whatever our destination, it's the journey that tests and teaches us. Continuing to embrace the journey and move beyond our own road blocks allows us to access to the abundance of joy that awaits us.
I provide a safe, secure environment that guides and supports you along your journey toward an authentic and joyful life. Partnering with Spirit and using energy management tools are paramount to this process. With integrity, fun, persistent courage and perseverance, I walk with you, helping you articulate your truth and deepen your relationship with Spirit. In thoughtful and fun ways, we explore, together and with Spirit, how to discover, activate and celebrate your passion and purpose, allowing you to live a life you truly desire.

262 835 9060

- Certified Life Coach through Coaching From Spirit, LLC
- Graduate of the School of Integrative Psychology
- B.A. from Marquette University in Writing-Intensive English
- Experiential Group Facilitator
- Author and Public Speaker

Spiritual Life Coaching differs from standard coaching in that it focuses on co-partnering with Spirit in all that we do. It also focuses heavily on energy management and energy planning tools, and works with a specific system that exceeds mere goal-setting. The tools you learn you can take with you for the rest of your life, and the relationship you create with Spirit will continue to deepen. My 6-month program is designed to help you move up the vibrational scale and live at your highest frequency.

PRACTITIONER RATE Standard InWellness member
60 minutes $130 $113

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