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Core/El Centro
Providing a diversity of natural healing modalities
Core/El Centro
CORE/El Centro is a non-for-profit natural healing center. Our mission is to create access, build community and inspire wholeness to all who desire the healing energies of natural therapies with a special emphasis on people with low income. Our Healing with Heart Program invites people who can afford the full cost of services to join us in our mission of healing and come to CORE/El Centro for services such as massage therapy, acupuncture, reiki and movement/exercise classes.

Not only will the Healing with Heart clients be receiving quality services and classes, but they also have the assurance that part of their fee will help to subsidize healing for others who can not afford full price. Everyone wins! The Healing with Heart client is healthier, other individuals experience vitality and our community becomes more wholesome and peaceful.

CORE/El Centro invites each individual to achieve optimal health by nurturing, listening, responding to and working in concert with the deep wisdom of body, mind and spirit. Through the contributions of dedicated, professional staff and exceptional volunteers, CORE/El Centro effects systemic change by gently and respectfully inspiring individuals, families and communities to transform themselves and the world around them.

611 W. National Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53204
414 384 2673 ext 19
Fax: 414 384 4585

Madeline Gianforte, CSA, is the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of CORE/El Centro. She holds a Masters of Holistic Health Education degree from John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California. Madeline is a certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher and Infant Massage Instructor.

Erica Zernzach has studied alternative medicine for 14+ years. She has a BS in Nutrition and a MS in Oriental Medicine. She is a Reiki Master and an Herbalist and is licensed by the state of WI. Erica has taken all of her boards to be an Acupuncture Diplomat and is currently working on taking her herbal board so she will be board certified in Oriental Medicine.

Acupuncture: First visit treatment, $75; subsequent treatments, $60
Massage: $60 per treatment
Reiki: $60 per treatment
Wholistic Exercise Classes: $35 for monthly membership which entitles members unlimited access to all classes available

We are offering 10% discount on our services for InWellness clients

Make an appointment. Call 414 384 2673 ext 19

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