Share your “Good Humored Story”

Share your Good Humored Story

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  1. Click on Leave a Reply (below) and share a good humored story in your life. Through sharing we grow from the grace given each one of us. Your willingness to share is a positive contribution to the world we choose to create together.
  2. Reply to an Good Humored Story posted. Let us know how this story positively impacted you. This builds on the energy and generates more inspiration for us all.

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4 Responses to Share your “Good Humored Story”

  1. slots says:

    Being a complete newbie, all I can say is thanks for sharing this.

  2. When leading Balance or Burnout or Emotional Intelligence and Stress workshops, I speak about laughter and the importance of more laughter in our lives. Patch Adams ( famous medical doctor and clown) reports that children laugh 300 times a day and adults laugh 17 times a day or less. What has taken away our joy? Only you know what has stolen your joy and laughter.

    Consider this, laughter releases endorphins (nature’s natural pain killers), lowers your blood pressure, and strengthens your immune system. What wonderful gifts! Yet we use it so rarely.

    How do you laugh? With a quiet little twitter? With a tight-lipped smile? With a chuckle? Or a full-belly laugh that is so contagious others cannot help themselves but to join in with your joy?

    There have been many times in life, especially those times when I fondly refer to as “A Comedy of Errors” when so many things have gone awry that I want to scream and cry, that I have found that laughter, full-out, belly-laugh, rolling-on-the-floor, laughing so hard my back hurts laughter, is much more healing than the helpless victim crying jag. When I am done laughing I feel energized and stronger than my circumstances.

    I invite you to exercise your laughter muscles by doing a daily giggle. Find a website with jokes that tickle your funny bone. Recall silly, playful times in your life. Remember a movie scene that was hilarious (When Harry Met Sally, cafeteria scene!). Or simply laugh just to laugh. Let the laughter build, give it volume and presence. Let it roll through your body and heal you. And when you are stronger, practice this in public, priming the pump for others to laugh.

    One of my fondest memories is doing a daily giggle with my daughter in her early years. With a tickle or playful tease, we would start the laughter and then let it grow and explode with joy. She would often remind me, “Can we do a daily giggle Mom?” if I would forget. Her favorite time to do that was when she saw me being serious and distracted. The children indeed will teach us if we let them.

    • jim says:

      Thanks for the reminder of how children love to laugh, Patricia. A little over a year old, my grandson used to call me “Grandma Joan.” I thought he was confused and would correct him, till I finally got he was just doing it to see my reaction. Some of his first communication was teasing me. Jim

  3. Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thanks .

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