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Share your Inspirational Incident

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  1. Click on Leave a Reply (below) and share a true inspirational incident in your life. Through sharing we grow from the grace given each one of us. Your willingness to share is a positive contribution to the world we choose to create together.
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6 Responses to Share Your “Inspirational Incident”

  1. Teri Nehring says:

    Hello Fellow Journeyer’s,

    I want to share the most beautiful and profound vision that was given to me from the spirit of Lake Michigan on Friday April 1st, 8:00 p.m. I was heading home from Transformations and I was feeling a bit heavy and needed to gift a stone back to Lake Michigan so she could heal and recycle the energy.

    It was almost dark and I walked to her shore and found a log to sit on. I told her I was feeling out of balance with all the rampant energy that is currently among us and I asked her to help heal the fear and uncertainty that was dwelling inside of me. I also asked her to please accept one of my favorite stones that I enjoyed as an offering to her healing waters. I asked her to transform the enrgy and to recycle it. I used my breath (life force) and I blew my prayer of healing and peace into the stone and offered it to her calm waters.

    I sat in contemplation for a moment and the the most beautiful vision was gifted to me. I was able to see myself in the womb again. I could feel the warmth and the love that washed over me as a tiny embryo from the amniotic fluid. The spirit of Lake Michigan whispered into my ears that the waters are the amniotic fluid that cover and protect Mother Earth. They provide the healing and the life that sustains all humanity.

    In that very short, precious moment I opened my eyes. The greatest sense of peace and tranquility came over me and my heart felt light pouring into it. I left Lake Michigan in great awe as I usually do. Over the past year, she and I have developed a wonderful dialogue and it never ceases to amaze me the wonderful visions, insights, and words of wisdom that she imparts.

    I share this story as the messenger that we are connected. We have much to learn from Mother Earth, the waters, and the elements if we take the time to listen and to hear with our hearts!

  2. Kimberly Pratte says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful moment, I needed to hear this.

    My grandfather passed away last night and your words were comforting as they reminded me of the connection we all have with one another, the earth, nature, and the universe. Everything is as it should be, and all of our needs are provided. I have peace in my heart.



  3. Arleen says:

    Thank-you for sharing your vision. It brings joy and hope as well as inspiration!

  4. Kathleen "Kat" Regan says:

    I was pulled to the “New Horizons Day” event at Transformations last Sunday, supposedly to support a couple of women I had the good fortune to meet at last October’s Green Lake weekend. Of course, as it turned out, I received gifts unexpected and supportive as well!

    The first presentation was about writing and, being a writer myself, I attended Deb Karpek’s well-crafted, invitational workshop. At one point in her presentation we were given a sheet of “sentence stems,” statements that invited us to respond to whatever “stem” packed the most punch. The one that called to me was “What are you waiting for?” and, when Deb gave the cue to begin writing, away we attendees went. This is what poured out of my heart, onto the paper, and I feel drawn to share it here and so, with a conscious breath to steady my racing heart and critical mind, I share what my heart had written …

    “What are you waiting for? How many times will I say that to myself? The number seems astronomical … days, months, years, of fearing the failures I imagine inside of my head … feel inside of my body … experience in my life.

    What if though … hmmm … what if this question isn’t coming from me but coming to me? What if some Luminous Being is brushing its gentle lips across my ear encouraging me on … some Luminous Being simply escorting me, comforting me, standing at the ready for the moments that I take the first steps into my blessed tomorrows.

    And, what if my blessed tomorrows have already been guaranteed in the now of the answer … the answer that responds to the “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?” with
    “Nothing … absolutely nothing!” for, if I wait for my fears to dissipate, I won’t find out just how many of them are already gone …

    just how many of my breaths have been taken with and through a filter of Light … just how many times I got tired of waiting and truly put on my Big Girl Pants, took my Spirit-filled Breath and took my first step into meeting more of the ME that no longer is willing to wait for unseen, unimportant, untrue fears to leave!

    What am I waiting for? Absolutely nothing!”

    And now that this sharing is over, in this moment I hear “JUMP IN!” Just jump in … into more of the Life that conspires to bless us with joy and abundance. Just BREATHE and wait no more.

  5. Teri Nehring says:

    Good Morning Fellow Journeyer’s,

    I had an insight the other night as I was pondering the direction of my path. The thought, there are endless ways to transform. What I realized is that the transformation is not the end product.

    Every step in my life on my journey has been a transformation. So even when we think we are not taking big steps or the change in our life is slower than we like, each movement is a transformation because we are no longer the same as we were 5 minutes ago, an hour ago, a week ago, a month ago, or a year ago.

    We are in constant flow with that of the universe and where ever we are on the journey….. we are forever changed.

  6. jim says:

    Much of my adult life I have been inspired to “live in my light body.” No one suggested this to me that I recall. Nor have I had any explicit instructions on how to do this. It just seemed part of my life calling.
    Recently Teri Nehring, a dear friend and shaman, offered to to share Munay-Ki Rites with me and several others. She explained that these nine rites were passed down for generations through the shaman living in the Peruvian mountains. I intuitively said yes, not knowing much more than this. After receiving the first three of these rites several nights ago (The Healer’s Rite, Bands of Power and the Harmony Rite), I began to feel an increasing lightness in my psychic field, to have a greater sense of being in a light body that transcends time and space and to see visions of other places and times and connections with loving guides.
    When I got home and read some of the materials Teri gave us, I understood that the rites are meant to connect us to a lineage of luminous beings who assist us in personal transformation and initiate us into being Earthkeepers who accept stewardship for all creation. I feel like a part of my inner calling to live in a light body has been validated and supported on the outside and that certain decisions about my life path are being clarified. I am grateful to both the inner and outer voices encouraging me to live in my light body while caring for life on earth.

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