New ebook “The Complete Breath” by Jim Morningstar

Cover photo by Ari David Rosenthal ┬ęCopyright 2010

For the serious seeker of free breathing…

This book is an encyclopedia of contemporary breathwork theory and practice by current luminaries in the field. Breath is the foundation for all life processes. To breathe well is to live well. In this book we will explore and learn the complete breath. This is a metaphor for the complete life – an existence marked by inner balance, outer poise and gratifying accomplishment.

The book’s purpose is to educated the public as well as professionals such as respiratory therapists, medical doctors, mental health clinicians, etc to the growing art and science of Breathwork. The book expands awareness and validates the potency of Breathwork as a healing modality. It has both practical appeal with exercises and stories of breathwork’s use as well as theoretical background and research.

About jim

Jim Morningstar, Ph.D. I am a clinical psychologist whose avocation has always been to integrate healing with wellness and growth, both as a body/mind therapist and as a manager, director and owner of health and wellness organizations. Trained in community psychology in Washington, DC, I returned to my native Milwaukee to become an outpatient clinic director for Milwaukee County in the 1970s. I avidly explored alternative and complimentary approaches to therapy. In 1983 I founded what is now the School of Integrative Psychology and a state-licensed community mental health clinic, both of which I still direct. Our School has graduated a number of the holistic practitioners in this area. My passion over the past several years has been to work with other like-minded colleagues to create a new model for wellbeing in our community. This has led to the founding of InWellness.
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