Good Healthy Fun!

Good Healthy Fun!

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About jim

Jim Morningstar, Ph.D. I am a clinical psychologist whose avocation has always been to integrate healing with wellness and growth, both as a body/mind therapist and as a manager, director and owner of health and wellness organizations. Trained in community psychology in Washington, DC, I returned to my native Milwaukee to become an outpatient clinic director for Milwaukee County in the 1970s. I avidly explored alternative and complimentary approaches to therapy. In 1983 I founded what is now the School of Integrative Psychology and a state-licensed community mental health clinic, both of which I still direct. Our School has graduated a number of the holistic practitioners in this area. My passion over the past several years has been to work with other like-minded colleagues to create a new model for wellbeing in our community. This has led to the founding of InWellness.
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